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Smokey's Diesel and Auto Repair Terms and Conditions

Here you will find a full list of all terms and conditions for all services performed by Smokey's Diesel and Auto Repair. These Terms and Conditions apply to all clients of Smokey's Diesel and Auto Repair. There is no exception to these Terms and Conditions. Please make sure you completely read this page and that the Mechanic gives you a copy of this at time of service.

Call Out Fee

Call Out Fee is assessed for all Calls. This fee is $390.00 during regular Business hours and $780.00 after 9:00 pm. This fee is due before the Mechanic will be dispatched to the Call Out. This fee is NOT eligible for payment plans at any time.  The Mechanic can give a full or partial refund of this Call Out Fee in the event that service cannot be performed or must be delayed for more than 24 hours. This Refund is completely up to the Mechanic once they have arrived and assessed the situation. This fee can remitted by cash, credit or ACH Bank Draft. Any Refunds (full or partial) will be remitted back to the Client the same way it was paid, and can take up to 7 days to complete depending on the client's bank.


Labor and Parts

Labor for all services and service packages are listed on the website. most listed prices do not include parts and fluids to complete the service. Parts and Fluids cannot be estimated accurately until Mechanic has completed a full assessment of the situation at hand. Once this assessment has been completed the Mechanic will locate parts and complete a full estimate for the client. Client will have to sign the estimate to agree to the estimated work to be completed by Smokey's Diesel and Auto Repair. NO work will begin until this estimate is signed, and the work is agreed to. Client will receive a copy of the estimate for their records. 

At time service is accepted Client will remit to the Mechanic the total cost of parts and 20% labor costs. Mechanic will provide a written receipt for this payment to the client with a total still owed. The outstanding total owed will need to be paid at the time service is completed on the vehicle. If this is not possible Client will need to contact the Payment Specialist (Kadee Sprinkle) to set up payment plan before Mechanic begins work. Client may contact Kadee @ 234-249-1993 by text first with "Payment Plan Request" and Kadee will call back within 10 minutes to establish eligibility and setup payment plan. Parts CANNOT be put on a payment plan.

Payment Plan Request

Clients who are making at least $625.00 per week through employment are potentially eligible for payment plans through in house financing. Clients who are interested in payment plans will need to contact Kadee (Payment Specialist) via text @ 234-249-1993 with "Payment Plan Request" and their first and last name. Kadee will then call back within 10 minutes to assess eligibility and create a payment plan. If the client is not eligible for in house financing Smokey's Diesel and Auto will not be able to begin work without payment in full of total estimate. If Client is unable to do payment in full at this time the Mechanic will leave a copy of the estimate with the client and leave the site. 

If the client is self-employed or 1099 for something like DoorDash or other gig company, there are other options available for Financing however these options can take up to 2 days to get funds. The Mechanic will begin work at this point with Parts and 50% labor down and outstanding amount will be collected when client receives the funds from the outside financing.

Basic terms for most payment options

  • All Payment will be weekly payments.
  • No payment plan will exceed 10 weeks.
  • All payments will be due on Fridays.
  • All Invoices will be sent to clients on the Monday Prior to Due Date.
  • Payments are late on the Following Monday and will be assessed a 5% Late Fee and be added to the New Invoice.
  • Any and All Unpaid Payment Plans will have a Mechanic's Lien Filled on the vehicle within 3 days of the final unpaid invoice.


Accepted Payment Forms

Smokey's Diesel and Auto Repair accepts the following forms of legal payment:

  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • ACH Bank Draft
  • CashAp
  • Vimo
  • Corporate Check
  • PayPal

Service Agreement

By signing the Estimate given to you by the Mechanic you are agreeing to the estimated cost of service and to allow Smokey's Diesel and Auto Repair to complete the service requested and estimated. You are also agreeing that in the event of unforeseen issues being found in your vehicle you are authorizing Smokey's Diesel and Auto Repair to evaluate, and estimate the repairs for these issues, but not for extra work to be completed without your written consent, unless leaving the found issues unrepaired will cause the vehicle to be "Legally Unsafe" at which the client will be asked to give at least verbal consent to the repairs and a possible increase in the total final cost of all service and repairs. 

Clients will also note that if they decline a repair or service that is needed to make the vehicle "Legally Safe" to operate Smokey's reserves the right to place the vehicle in "Out of Service" status. This means that without the repair to make the vehicle safe to operate the vehicle CANNOT be on public roadways as it is a safety hazard to both the client and others on the road with them. Smokey's will also file a copy of the "Out of Service" document with the State Highway Patrol Barricks closest to the Client and local Law Enforcement. If the vehicle is a Semi or other commercially use vehicle Smokey's is also obligated to file a copy of the "Out of Service" document with the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Client needs to be aware that if their vehicle is placed in "Out of Service" status it is illegal to operate that vehicle on any and all public roadways. The Fine and/or Penalty for operating this vehicle while under "Out of Service" is determined by the enforcing courts and Law Enforcement and can include fines, points added to license and suspension of license.


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