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All Pricing list with each service is for Labor and Call Out ONLY unless otherwise stated. Parts and Fluids will be added after Diagnostics have been performed by the mechanic. Call Out Charge is Due at time of Call Out.

Oil Change

Keep your Engine running happy with regular Oil Changes.

Oil and Filter of your choice, Personal Service from the Mechanic, and Reminder Sticker for your window.

$292.50 Labor

$390.00 Call Out 

Total Cost:
$682.50 Parts included in Total

Brakes Change and Service

Even when you are constantly on the go you have to be able to stop. Get your Brakes Serviced and changed with Smokey's fast and get back to road again!

$390.00 Labor

$390.00 Call Out


$780.00 + Parts and Fluids needed.

Full Tune Up (Cars and Light Trucks)

Full Tunes ups are recommended 2 times per year for almost every vehicle on the road. 
Smokey's will come to you and do a full tune up from Spark Plugs and Wires to Engine Diagnostics. 

$487.50 Labor

$390.00 Call Out 

$150.00 Diagnostics


$1027.50 + Parts and Fluids

Tire Changes and Mounting

Tire Blew, you have the spare and just need a hand changing it? 
Maybe you need a new tire mounted to your rims. Smokey's is happy to help either way!

Flat Change: $150.00 total

Mounting a New Tire: $170.63/Tire + cost of tire.


Fluid Flush and Refill

Sometimes your Engine and Transmission needs a good cleaning to keep running at peak performance. 
Smokey's offers a full system Flush and Refill to keep your vehicle at peak performance.

$292.50 Labor

$390.00 Call Out

$150.00 Diagnostics


$832.50 + Parts and Fluids as needed.

Service Packages

All Service Packages are listed with Labor and Call Out ONLY Unless otherwise stated. Parts and Fluids will be added to cost after Diagnostics. Call Out cost is due at time of Call Out.

Fall/Spring Service Pack

Get your Brakes Services, Oil Change, Tune Up and Full Diagnostic all in one package! 

Total Cost $ 1710.00 + Parts and Fluids

Total Care Pack

Whether you just purchased a used car or you are looking to baby your favorite car the Total Care Pack with Smokey's is the place to start! 

Oil Change, Full Tune up, Fluids Flush and Refill, Brake Service, and Full Diagnostic all included in this package. And we will still come to you to do it!

Total Cost $2002.50 + Parts and Fluids

Summer A/C Check Up

Don't suffer a hot summer without A/C. Have your System checked up by Smokey's right now!

A/C Diagnostics and Drain and Refill

Total Cost $978.75 includes refrigerant.

****Payment Options Available for clients with income of at least $625/ week. All Payment Agreements will need to be completed by the Payment Office before work begins. Call Out and Diagnostics not eligible for payment plans. ****

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