Privacy Policy

Collection of Client Information

All Client information collected by Smokey's Diesel and Auto Repair is kept confidential. We will only collect the following information:

  • Client Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Home Address (for Billing Only)
  • Customer Employer (Financing Only)

Persons having access to Collected Information

Chris Wigsmoen Sr./Owner of Smokey's

Kadee Sprinkle/Office Manager and Payment Specialist

Storage of Data Collected

All Information collected by Smokey's Diesel and Auto Repair is stored locally in digital and non-digital form. The information is deleted from the digital file after 30 days from the close of the account*. Non-digital information is relocated to a secure storage facility 12 months after close of the account*. The Non-digital information is then destroyed** 36 months after relocation to the secure storage facility. 


*Close of the Account: after all parts and services warranties have expired and all payment plans have been satisfied.

**Destroyed: All non-digital information with the exception of final work invoice will be shredded. Work Invoice will have everything, but the Client's name and phone number redacted to protect personal information. 


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Privacy Policy

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